HT&T Heat Shrinkable Wrap Around Splice Closure System

The product is made from indomitable and firm materials and is possible to resist the ultraviolet radiation and environmental pollution. The finished fitting is characteristic of light quality, beautiful appearance and practical use. This kind of heat-shrinkable sealing-off can be usedin the branched fitting for cables with polyethylene skin or lean skin, and be put in suitable range. Moreover, it can be used in the assembling of directly Buried network, Aerial cable or Underground network. HeadGuard 900 type such as 900A, 900AWTG, 900UWTG can provide the reliable 100% water-proof by use equip with The WaterGuard compound. It is possible to be rehabilitation for maintenance and fitting 
  • TOT Certificated Approval (Spe. OES - 001 - 028 - 01)
  • TT&T Certificated Approval
  • TA Certificated Approval and uses
  • CAT Certificated Approval
Heat Shrinkable Wraparound Splice Closure 100% Waterproof Available for Aerial and Underground Kids
Product Features & Benefits
  • HeadGuard 900,990 Splice closure is designed for sealing telephone joints for jelly filled or air core, non-pressurised copper cables for the telephone communication industry.
  • The closure system may be used for direct buried, aerial and undergroune installation.
  • Equipped with WaterGuard ATG ( P-55) Splicing Filling one part Compound system.
  • Rehabilitation can easily be equipped with Electronic Water Senser for underground installation.
  • The sleeves are coated with heat-sensitive paint whice changes color when sufficient heat isapplied to signify that the adhesive has been activated.
  • Used for New Construction & Rehabilitation projects.
  • Standard ground wire assembly and grounding system.
  • Custom lengths also available to 200/65-900, 200/65-1200 upon request for Rehabilitation projects.
  • Easy installation with the use of a standard jointers torch.