Stadiums and Special Events

BelAir Networks carrier grade Wi-Fi solutions are deployed in some of the busiest places in the world, including Times Square in New York City. At huge festivals like Lollapalooza and South by Southwest, BelAir Networks Wi-Fi addresses the demands of tens of thousands of attendees, and their associated smartphones and tablets, per day.  World-leading venues including Lincoln Center, Sun Life Stadium and Lincoln Financial Field also feature BelAir Networks world-leading Wi-Fi.  While the requirements for permanent stadium deployments and high-capacity temporary special events networks may be quite different, they both requires scalability, integration and performance that goes well beyond traditional enterprise solutions.


Wi-Fi networks for sports bowls and auditoriums are not simply a larger version of a busy Wi-Fi enabled office, nor are they the same as public Wi-Fi in busy downtown cores. Even solutions that can be applied to music festivals and other large events are not entirely applicable to stadium and auditorium deployments. To achieve the multiplication of basic Wi-Fi capacity necessary to support large venues it is necessary to implement intelligent software features and to examine the physical layer as well as the underpinnings of 802.11 standards. The physical layer has to enable the capability of multiple simultaneous transmissions and creatively optimize the performance of the CSMA protocol that governs 802.11 operation, while maintaining full compatibility with client devices.
BelAir Networks carrier grade Wi-Fi solutions include the BelAir OS operating system, which drives the carrier-grade features on BelAir Networks AP’s and controllers. BelAir OS includes a feature set known as Very High Capacity and Interference (VHCI), encompassing software features such as modulation control, adaptive cell size control and AP load balancing to deliver high throughput while minimizing interference and its the stadium environment.  BelAir management and aggregation solutions, such as BelView NMS and the BelAir8000 controller, further enhance performance and integration in stadium environments. BelView NMS enables real-time remote insights and provisioning controls, while the BelAir8000 controller locally offloads policy and accounting features. These capabilities, designed in close coordination with the service provider, enable carrier-grade insights into these challenging and high visibility deployments.

Special Events

Special events are a magnet for the kind of user behavior that mobile networks just don’t experience on a daily basis.  Inordinately dense crowds using a high concentration of video, photo and location-based applications, with much more emphasis on uploading than the usual web-browsing city dweller at the local coffee shop.  Attendees will still use their mobile device to seek out information, but there’s a much stronger focus on sharing the experience.  Socially networked by nature, festival attendees are also quick to share their impressions of their mobile network experience at the event, resulting in the kind of real-time feedback and electronic word-of-mouth that can instantly enhance or tarnish a service provider’s brand. 
With BelAir Networks carrier grade Wi-Fi soluitons, mobile carriers, cable operators and, even companies that don’t run networks for a living, can benefit from the brand-building opportunities inherent in satisfying the mobile broadband needs of special events attendees.  BelAir Networks offers a range of mounting options, scales to address any size of crowd and integrates with existing back end systems to get high performance coverage up and running quickly.  Whether as a complement to a mobile carrier’s Cellular-on-Wheels/Wireless-on-Wheels (COW/WOW), an extension of a cable operator’s strand mounted City Hot Zone, or a standalone network sponsored by a web superpower, the BelAir Networks carrier grade Wi-Fi solutions, backhaul and mounting options, as well as network controllers for carrier cloud and ad-hoc network deployment, deploys quickly and delivers the kind of performance that gets people tweeting, in a good way.