Mobility and Roaming

The ubiquity of Wi-Fi on mobile devices and it’s seemingly unstoppable popularity with end users has moved Wi-Fi from its traditional role in residential and enterprise deployments into service provider networks.  While standards bodies, including Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) and Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), have made great strides in working to make Wi-Fi behave more like cellular to address service provider requirements, carrier-grade mobility and roaming requires more than Hotspot 2.0 – and the associated 802.11u.
BelAir Networks carrier grade Wi-Fi solutions enable no-touch roaming and session mobility in large-scale carrier networks.  These mobility and roaming features extend to the entire BelAir Networks product line and are anchored in capabilities of BelAirOS and the BelAir8000 controller.  BelAirOS features a Carrier Mobility Suite (including CAPWAP or L2/L3 VPN) and Carrier Security Module (including Hotspot 2.0 and EAP-AKA) while the BelAir8000 controller supports mobility between connected access points (APs) and provides carrier core mobile network interfaces. BelAir8000 controller was the first controller to feature direct GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) and Proxy Mobile IP (PMIP) support.