Cell Site Co-Location

There’s no doubt that Wi-Fi provides a viable, low cost way to offload mobile data traffic in areas of high user concentration.  But, when it comes to deploying service provider Wi-Fi in outdoor metro environments, there are three barriers that emerge:  Where and how do you mount them?  How do you power them?  How do you backhaul the traffic?  BelAir Networks carrier grade Wi-Fi solutions overcome all three barriers with solutions designed for co-location at the mobile operator’s existing cell site.  BelAir Networks APs are co-located at Tier One mobile carrier cell sites in high density major metros including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, Atlanta and others, to offload terabytes of mobile data from overtaxed macrocells.  BelAir Networks APs leverage existing mounting assets and available power and provide a range of backhaul options with standard carrier interfaces.
Unlike other APs that experience interference problems within 200 meters of a cell tower, BelAir Networks APs include high-performance filters to minimize interference when co-located or integrated with licensed spectrum radios.  They also feature band steering, auto channel scanning and beamforming to improve the performance of end users’ smartphones and tablet devices while extending network reach.  BelAir Networks carrier grade Wi-Fi solutions also enables mobile carriers to broaden coverage beyond the co-location point by creating an underlay of APs interconnected via high performance switched mesh links.