Mobile Operators

A recent survey of smartphone users in the US and Great Britain asked them to identify whether they blamed the service provider, application or device when they experienced mobile internet problems.  They could pick more than one and 79% percent blamed the service provider, 26% felt the application may be at fault and only 15% identified the device as the culprit.  This likely won’t come as a surprise to mobile carriers who’ve been struggling to deliver a great user experience in the face of exponential mobile data growth since the introduction and widespread adoption of the iPhone, the many smartphones and tablets that followed, and the explosion of the app ecosystem.  So, while new devices and apps may be causing the mobile data congestion problem, which is especially prevalent in metro areas, clearly it’s up to service providers to fix it.
BelAir Networks carrier grade Wi-Fi solutions directly addresses the mobile carrier’s dilemma by delivering high-performance mobile broadband coverage at a low cost that ensures network profitability.  BelAir Networks “No Touch” authentication and secure access enriches the subscriber’s brand experience while achieving 100 Terabytes of offload in targeted square mile metro deployments. Comprised of proven carrier-class hardware, software and management tools designed to address the requirements of Tier One service providers, BelAir Networks large-scale carrier grade Wi-Fi networks deploy 4X faster than Wi-Fi vendors' enterprise-legacy solutions and reduce cost and complexity by 25% when integrating large-scale metropolitan small cell networks to existing service provider networks.  In addition to saving money, BelAir Networks also offers mobile operators new ways to generate revenue through managed services to enterprise customers and hosted/shared network models with other partners and service providers.
BelAir Networks solutions also feature a wide range of mounting options to address any mobile operator deployment scenario including co-location or integration with licensed radios, pole, wall or roof mounting and mesh backhaul for network underlay and indoor network-in-a-box access aware APs featuring auto-provisioning templates and flexible remote software updates for managed wireless services for business customers and partners.
BelAir Networks has been deployed by Tier One Mobile Operators, including AT&T, for cellular-Wi-Fi co-location and integration, city hotzones, special events Wi-Fi, and managed W-Fi service for small business, retail and restaurant chains, hospitality and education.