Managed Services

BelAir Networks unique AP virtualization capabilities give service providers the ability to leverage one network deployment many times, opening up multiple business models and revenue opportunities. With Virtual AP, each AP can support different and segregated services by assigning unique SSIDs by network, group, zone and individual subscriber, enforcing a service provider's existing policy and billing settings. Virtual AP enables service providers to offer a variety of managed services to subscribers, businesses, schools, building owners, and other service providers via shared or hosted network access - unlocking billions in revenue from emerging Wireless-as-a-Service (WaaS) business models.  Meanwhile, BelAir Networks access aware features, auto-provisioning templates and flexible remote software updates enable a completely automated out-of-the-box configuration of Wi-Fi hotspots or “network-in-a-box”, further facilitating new revenue models for managed wireless services for business customers and partners.
With BelAir Networks, Service Providers can offer new managed services, co-location or hosted wireless services to businesses and local Internet Service Providers (ISPs), including:
  • Enterprise Managed Services for SMB, Retail, K-12 and Hospitality
  • Wi-Fi Roaming Partners with Mobile IP Proxy and Virtual Access Points
  • Neutral Host Wi-Fi Services for Third-party Service Providers
WaaS presents a particularly interesting business model for service providers as the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend – part of the consumerization of IT – puts unprecedented pressure on enterprise IT departments. Consumerization is resulting in unrealistic expectations around the role of IT while BYOD is also driving huge increases in data consumption at enterprises – the latest iPhone is blamed for driving twice as much data as previous versions, impacting LANs, WANs and mobile networks. The challenge to ensure that all users have a great wireless experience has led enterprises to increase spending on network-centric managed services. Of course, it’s not just BYOD that is fueling this trend. There’s also the usual managed service drivers, including the need for IT to focus on core competencies and a desire to shift the spending balance from CapEx to OpEx. So, mobile, cable and metro-based service providers seeking additional revenue and lucrative new business models are faced with an ideal opportunity to bundle or adapt their existing service offering to target WaaS at high value verticals and SMB customers.
BelAir Networks unique Virtual AP capabilities, network-in-a-box capabilities and vast experience deploying co-located and integrated licensed bands with service provider Wi-Fi for both indoor and outdoor coverage, provides the ideal platform to support these new managed services business models.