Churn Reduction

Cable Operators focused on growing and retaining their high ARPU customer base in the face of increasing competition have adopted Wi-Fi hot zones as a way provide a tangible and differentiated benefit to their home broadband subscribers.  In a typical example, monetizing the value of churn reduction driven by a free out-of-home Wi-Fi offering can deliver a 60% internal rate of return (IRR).  This doesn’t mean that cable operators have to plan, manage and finance citywide Wi-Fi networks.  The best places for cable operators to deploy Wi-Fi to maximize the benefit to their subscribers are in areas of high user concentration, which will include downtown centers and retail areas, stadiums and special events, university campuses, hotels, convention centers and train stations; a user-targeted rather than blanket coverage approach.  A survey conducted a few years ago by industry research firm, In-Stat, found that “over 80% of respondents said they had some level of willingness to switch from their current broadband provider to one that combines both home and on-the-go service.”  And, that was before data caps and tiered pricing models replaced all-you-can-eat mobile data plans as the industry norm.
BelAir Networks carrier grade Wi-Fi solutions leverage the cable operator’s existing hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks and back-office systems to deploy large-scale service provider Wi-Fi and multimode, multi-access small cell networks faster and more cost-effectively than any other wireless options.  Unique mounting options and antenna configurations enable cable operators to take advantage of their broad-based HFC footprint whether on aerial strand, in cabinets, pedestals, bollards or in underground vaults.  Cable operators are in the unique position of being able to quickly enter the wireless market to address the huge and growing demand for mobile broadband access in a way that differentiates their service offering, enabling them to attract and retain broadband subscribers.  BelAir Networks industry-leading cable-optimized, strand-mounted solutions lets them take advantage of that unique position.