Cable Operators

It’s no secret, Cable Operators (often referred to as multi system operators or MSO’s) know they need to be in the wireless business.  BelAir Networks carrier grade Wi-Fi solutions leverage the operator’s existing hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks and back-office systems to deploy large-scale service provider Wi-Fi and multimode, multi-access small cell networks faster and more cost-effectively than any other wireless options.  BelAir Networks gets MSOs up and running quickly with metro mobility and quad-play subscriber services delivered over industry-leading strand optimized small cells and Wi-Fi APs.  Backoffice integration of the BelAir Networks system with carrier-grade core networking and subscriber management systems has already been proven in some of the world’s largest small cell networks for leading cable operators including Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision.
In addition to a fast and easy deployment, BelAir Networks supports multiple business models -- and multiple service providers – on a single network.  Operators can establish roaming agreements with other service providers, enabling their subscribers to enjoy access when out-of-territory while maintaining contact with the cable operator’s back office. With BelAir Networks unique AP virtualization capabilities, known as Virtual AP, each AP can support different and segregated services by assigning unique SSIDs by network, group, zone and individual subscriber, enforcing each service provider's existing policy and billing settings.  So, cable operators can offer their residential broadband subscribers an on-the-go mobile broadband complement within their own coverage area and beyond.  But, they can also leverage their carrier grade Wi-Fi network to offer managed services to enterprise customers and high value verticals such as education and hospitality.
With their ubiquitous HFC network making power, mounting and backhaul easily accessible via aerial strand, in cabinets, pedestals and underground, cable operators are also in an ideal position to deploy multi-access, multimode small cells supporting both licensed cellular and Wi-Fi access.  BelAir Networks award-winning strand-mounted picocells are already deployed on Tier One cable operator networks delivering commercial licensed mobile services from a Tier One mobile operator.