Powerful integrated network management

Through standard CORBA interface, FiberHome OTNM2000/OTNM2100/OTNM300 network management systems perform large-scale network-level cross-subnet management function over diverse equipment types, thus helping operators enhance overall network operation efficiency and quality of service. NE-level, subnet-level, network-level and resource-level management can all be realized by OTNM network management system.
Features of OTNM2000/2100 network management
  • Performs unified section/domain/level based management of transmission network.
  • Hot backup and warm backup, adopted by each level network management; ensure high reliability of management information.
  • Delivers intelligent network management functions such as end-to-end, automatic topology discovery etc.
  • Offers powerful operation-oriented (e.g. bandwidth management) management capability: resource management, billing management, service management, customer management etc.
  • Supports management of third party equipment via standard Q3 interface/CORBA interface, and provides seamless integration with OSS system, further enhancing operability and manageability of the network.

To effectively support powerful milti-service carrying and processing capability of Citrans series MSTP equipment, OTNM2000/2100 provide perfect data service management functions:

  • Supports transport bandwidth and multi-path designation fro Eth service;
  • Supports Eth port attribute, e.g. configuration of full duplex/half duplex, Untag/Tog VLAN, flow control etc.;
  • Supports layer 2 management including IP address static configuration, multicast, STP and VLAN STP etc.;
  • Supports Ethernet QOS management and loopback test etc.;
  • Supports creation, deletion and VP/VC cross management of ATM PVC;
  • Supports ATM flow control and multiple loopback tests;
  • Supports ATM service type configuration and flow description;
  • Supports performance and alarm management of Ethernet and ATM;
  • Automatically/semi-automatically and manually performs SDH,Ethernet and ATM end-to-end service management (supporting overall attibute);
  • Provides variely of basic billing data management functions.