Delivers optimized transport of ATM traffic

Citrans series MSTP supports statistic multiplex of ATM traffic statistic multiplexing. Only one VC4 circuit is required in transmission network. Configurating one ATM interface at office end implements multi-access of 155M ATM service from remote end to make full use of transmission bandwidth and save port resource of ATM switches. Meanwhile, Using ATM VP RING protection switching ability the protection to service layer is formed. It is applicable to the ATM traffic access and aggregation of DSLM.
For aggregation application to large number of IMA interfaces, FiberHome MSTP offers multi-point aggregation function for IMA interface and inside Citrans node, through statistic multiplexing function the service from multi-point aggregated IMA interface can be switched to ATM 155M interface and be outputted so that high cost and potential fault caused by 2M cable switching can be avoided.