BelView Network Management

BelView Network Management supports up to 100,000 access points (APs) and provides comprehensive fault, configuration, accounting, performance, and security (FCAPS) functions that reduce deployment and troubleshooting time and speed up network deployments of tens of 1000s of access points -- up to four times faster than other AP vendors!  Provisioning templates simplify the deployment of tens of 1000s of network elements while GPS inside APs assures accurate location information. Software can be updated remotely and securely to all, or a selected group of APs already deployed, while dual bank flash allows for complete load reversion if needed. 
BelView is a comprehensive software package that allows network operators to easily provision, monitor and manage a complete network built with any combination of BelAir Networks products. BelView NMS uses the latest GIS-based mapping software and GPS information to set-up and manage the network, maximizing utility while minimizing cost.  The comprehensive set of management features includes GPS-aware street map based presentation, real-time fault and performance monitoring, and inventory and security management. BelView ensures ease of installation and capacity planning, and enables proactive planning for smooth network operations.