Mass information Transmission Capacity

The Development of DWDM technology provides an excellent way for the expansion of optical backbone transmission network, and now the development of DWDM technology mainly focuses on these aspects as the distinct advantages of DWDM technology, such as the increase of transmission rate, increase of section of bandwidth for the wavelength, reducing the channel spacing, extension of transmission distance, abilities to access multi-services and etc.
AS a company focusing on the optical transmission system, FiberHome has mastered the key techniques for DWDM solution, developed the 80*40 Gb/s DWDM system. This system includes 80 wavelengths, 40 wavelengths is available for each C and L wavebands, with the 100GHz channel spacing. The total capability of this system is 3.2 Tb/s, with various interfaces for services, and it supports a non-electrical-regeneration distance of more than 800km when deployed on the common G.652 fiber.
The first 3.2T DWDM project in China, between Shanghai and Hangzhou, is deployed by this system.