General Description of FONST Long Haul Tranmission Solution

Based on the advanced, mature DWDM+SDH technology, FONST Long Haul transmission solution boasts up to 3.2Tbit/s service transmission capability over a non-electrical-regeneration distance of more than 5000km, thus dramatically reducing transmission cost per bit.
The FONST Long Haul transmission solution transparently and efficiently transports various services from 155Mbps to 40Gbps up to 160 channels. It increases flexibility with a modular architecture that allows smooth incremental growth to meet unpredictable demand.
Coupled with FiberHome's powerful OTNM2000/2100 optical transmission management system, FONST Long Haul transmission solution offers an efficient platform to perfectly implement a series of advanced management functions. Such issues as network topology automatic discovery, end-to-end traffic scheduling, large-scale network unified management and unified management of different vendor equipment etc. can all be readily solved under OTNM2000/2100