Application Examples

China Telecom backbone transmission network Lanzhou-Urumchi-Germu WDM system project

This project covers over 4000km from Lanzhou to Germu via Urumchi, extending across three provinces: Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiangmany areas have an abominable climate with severe wind and sands. Under such harsh natural conditions, FiberHome W1600 series DWDM equipment still ensures stable operation with excellent performance. Along the whole route of this project, super FEC technology is deployed to improve the quality of signal, and real-time system performance monitoring is implemented by using OPM spectral analysis function.

Qinzhou - Beihai - Haikou DWDM Project

  • This project is a 40λ *2.5G DWDM transmission system project and it is about 420 KM long from Qinzhou to Beihai.
  • It includes 4 stations and 6 OMT.
  • In this project the span is longer than normal, especially between Beihai-Linggao the attenuation is about 51.7dB, we use our out-band FEC technology and Raman amplifier to overcome this problem.

Shanghai - Hangzhou 80λ *40G DWDM Project 

  • This project is a 80λ *40G DWDM transmission system project and it is about 231 KMand it is about 231 KM long from Shanghai to Hangzhou.
  • It includes 5 stations and 2 OMT.
  • The equipment used is GDB(ZD)40000-01-80
    • C band: 40 channels + L band: 40 channels
    • The biggest capacity is 3.2Tb/s
  • G.655 OFC; the biggest PMD coefficient: 0.036 ps/√km
  • System OSNR: 25.8dB