BelAir100SNE Cable-Optimized Wi-Fi Access Point

Cable Operator Optimized, Strand Attached Outdoor 3x3 AP with 3 Spatial Streams and DOCSIS and Fiber Interfaces

Built on the leadership of the BelAir100S, the industry’s first strand-mounted, cable-optimized Wi-Fi access point, the platform has continuously evolved and tens of 1000s of BelAirOS powered, patented strand-mount APs have been deployed worldwide for Tier One cable operators building some of the world’s largest small cell networks. Reflecting a commitment to support the latest in industry standards, the BelAir100SNE incorporates dual 802.11n-2009 Wi-Fi radios with 3x3 MIMO and 3 spatial stream support. The system also integrates a DOCSIS® 3.0, Euro-DOCSIS 3.0, or Japanese-DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem on an innovative and commercially proven platform, with fiber interface and vault mount support options.