Fixed Networks

Fixed network operators, whether cable or wireline, are in the ideal position to extend coverage from their existing networks over wireless using BelAir Networks carrier grade Wi-Fi solutions.  The BelAir Networks solutions are comprised of a robust portfolio of outdoor and indoor access points (AP) and multimode, multi-access small cells, backhaul and mounting options, as well as network controllers for carrier cloud and ad-hoc network deployment. BelAir Networks products are designed to integrate with the fixed operator’s network (through standard interfaces and multiple mounting options) as well as their existing back office and billing systems.
With BelAir Networks, wireless becomes an integrated part of the fixed operator’s network and business, not a bolted-on sideline requiring new resources, training and redundant back office systems.  And, BelAir Networks solutions support a wide range of revenue-generating business models on a single network deployment including managed services to subscribers, businesses, schools, building owners, and other service providers via shared or hosted network access – enabling fixed operators to become key players in the emerging Wireless-as-a-Service (WaaS) market.
From indoor hotspots to metro wide hotzones, BelAir Networks solutions feature a highly scalable network management system with support for remote updating of AP software, as well as business intelligence and monitoring products.  BelAir Networks gets fixed operators into the wireless business quickly and easily, sweating the assets they already have in place and unlocking billions in new revenue opportunities.  BelAir Networks carrier grade Wi-Fi solutions have been deployed in some of largest small cell networks in the world for leading operators, including Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision.