Powerful Multi-service Provisioning

FonsWeaver series equipments are powerful comprehensive multi-service transport platforms integrating the leading technologies in the field and adopting brand-new architecture.
  • Provide full rate SDH interfaces and all kinds of multi-service interfaces, and the interface slots are mutually compatible, which can be freely configured according to actual demand.
  • The new generation of BitSlice cross-connect matrix technology is adopted, and the single stage can realize 320G multicast strict non-blocking cross-connect, thus greatly improving system performance and reducing network construction cost.
  • Offer powerful low-order service processing mode, can provide 10G/20G low-order service processing capability, realizing more flexible service scheduling.
  • Support full rate Ethernet interfaces such as ATM, FE/GE and so on, and offer comprehensive service processing capability.
  • The core technologies such as embedded MPLS and Ethernet layer-2 switching, as well as diversified extension functions such as low order VC, LCAS, VLAN, STP, ATM service statistical multiplexing fully optimize the data service processing.
  • The embedded RPR technology, provide ring network bandwidth sharing, realize statistical multiplexing of bandwidth, thus the products can be widely used in various kinds of broadband networks.