Perfect Network Management & Network Planning

The network management system(OTNM2000) and planning tool(OTNPlanner) offered by FonsWeaver series products can help the users to perform easy management and configuration to the equipment through the friendly visual graphical interfaces.
OTNM2000 Reliable workstations or servers-based optical transmission network management system
  • Perform unified operation, maintenance and management to the complicated network consisting of FonsWeaver series products, realize circuit configuration and allocation, and ensure the secure network operation.
  • Be able to incorporate FonsWeaver series products and other products offered by FiberHome into unified management, thus reducing upgrading cost and maintenance risk.
OTNPlanner Highly-effective intelligent optical network planning and emulation tool
  • Based on multiple optimized design objectives, the tool adopts highly-effective algorithm. Through the friendly graphical interfaces and simple operations, the tool can perform emulation and planning for the existing ASON network or the ASON networks to be initiated and provide result in the form of detailed report, thus reducing network construction cost, regularly optimizing traffic route, improving resources utilization of whole network and guaranteeing network controllability.
  • As the organic constituent part of ASON series products of FiberHome, OTNPlanner can exchange data with OTNM2000 of FiberHome in the form of Text, XNL and Exel. In this way, it can obtain the data like topology and request of existing network from the NM software to perform extension or route optimization, and also send the design result to the NM software to avoid repeatedly configuring network manually.