Highly Intelligence

SmartWeaver (GMPLS techique embebded), which is the unique outside-type control unit of FonsWeaver series product, can economize slots number and provide extremely powerful control plane processing function.
  • Automatic and rapid end-to-end service configuration (SPC/SC) greatly reduces service setup time and realizes dynamic request and release of bandwidth.
  • The unique backtracking design maximizes the success ratio of automatic and repid end-to-end service configuration.
  • The Mesh network and its path restoration mechanism improve the bandwidth utilization, enhance the network survivability and offer more convenient network upgrading and extension mode.
  • The intelligent functions such as neighbor discovery, topology discovery and resources discovery as well as returnable protection & restoration modes facilitate the maintenance of network.
  • The brand-new traffic engineering technology is adopted to ensure the network resources loading balance at the same time when implementing automatic and rapid end-to-end service configuration, realizing intelligent network planning and optimization and facilitating follow-up service increase and extension.
  • Provide diversified SLA (6 different service levels including platinum, gold, silver, copper, iron and tin level)
  • Bandwidth for BOD service can be provided on demand.
  • Provide flexible and individualized OVPN for large client.