ASON Application Examples

Ethiopia Telecommunications Corporation Metro Network Project

In order to meet the business development requirement in the future years, ETC(Ethiopia Telecommunications Corporation) selects FonsWeaver780 ASON equipment provided by FiberHome from numerous leading manufacturers to construct Addis Ababa metro ring network.
There are 11 sets of FonsWeaver780 equipments applied to construt five STM-64 intersecting rings network.
  • High-perfomance multi-service bearer and powerful service scheduling capability;
  • The network can be upgraded from STM-64 ring network to STM-256 ring network;
  • The network can be upgraded from MSTP ring network to MESH-based ASON network.

China Moblie HeBei Province Backbone Project

In order to enhance the network survivability as well as network operation & maintenance efficiency, China Moblie Hebei Branch decides to choose ASON to consrtuct new generation of transport network. Through elaborated and strict comparison in terms of technical strength, network solution, engineering examples, etc, China Moblie Hebei Branch finally selects FiberHome as the partner of this project.
There are 120 sets of FonsWeaver780 equipments applied to construct whole Province Metro networks covering 9 cities.
  • MESH-based ASON network significantly enhance network survivability;
  • Intelligent functions such as neighbor discovery, topology discovery,
  • automatic card sensed, Point and Click and so on improves the network operation efficiency;
  • The combination of multiple protection and recovery modes enhances the network resources utilization.
  • Large scale application.

China Netcom Shanxi Datong Local Core Transmission Network Project

In order to accomplish upgrading of the fixed network and to realize flexible scheduling of intra-city trunk transmission network service, Shanxi Datong Netcom choose FiberHome as partner to joint construct an ASON network with multi-service transport capability
There are 9 sets of FonsWeaver780 equipments applied to construct MESH-based ASON network.
  • The network is applicable to carry intelligent and data service of fixed network;
  • The combination of powerful cross-connect capability of node and ASON intelligent features realize flexible and highly-effective scheduling;
  • The combination of multiple pretection and recovery modes provides the network with multi-level protection;
  • The combination of outside cross-connect unit and BitSlice cross-connect matrix realizes rapid service recovery.