Netsweeper Solution

Netsweeper provides web content filtering and web threat management solutions and services. We deliver these solutions to telcos, education networks, school districts, corporations, government agencies and other organizations so that they can control access to inappropriate content and proactively mitigate web-based threats.
The Netsweeper Difference
Netsweeper fulfills the same needs as other web content filtering but we do it in a unique and powerful way that delivers superior performance at a radically lower total cost of ownership.
Web Content Filtering
Our web filtering solutions couple a unique cloud-based AI categorization engine with a powerful set of configuration and administration tools that let you tailor the solution to your organization’s needs. The result is web filtering that is continuously learning and improving based on the usage patterns of your users and the millions of other Netsweeper users around the world.
Mobile Device Filtering
Network-based filtering is not always enough to meet your needs. Netsweeper offers a range of options to help you protect your users when they are off your core networks, ensuring that regulations and/or acceptable use policies are obeyed and ensuring that your users continue to be protected from web-based threats.
Web Threat Management
Netsweeper delivers web threat management capabilities including protection from phishing, malware, viruses, trojans, spyware and adware. Emerging web threats are identified and categorized for your protection continuously throughout the day, based on the usage of all Netsweeper users worldwide.
Regulatory Compliance
A key driver behind the adoption of web filtering has been the need to comply with relevant legislation. US Schools need CIPA-compliant filtering to ensure continued e-Rate funding. Various telcos around the world are required to ensure that the illegal content online as found in the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and other lists can be blocked. Netsweeper deliver reliable filtering to meet regulatory compliance issues at a low total cost of ownership.