Product testing at Cheing Mai Night Bazaar

Jun 05, 2012 - 06:14

As invitation of True Corporation Co., Ltd. HT&T Communications Group Co., Ltd. have testing product at Cheing Mai Night Bazaar for 3 days, in the Cheing Mai Night Bazaar case at Night Bazaar area is all underground that hotspot installation is not supported therefore Mesh-WiFi is a solution.
TRUE's requirement at “Cheing Mai Night Bazaar”
  1. To setup backbone for connect with WiFi nodes.
  2. To setup and deployment WiFi service for "TRUE@WiFi".
  3. To setup and deployment WiFi for "3G Offload".
  4. To be the strong signaling of WIFi for mainly of TRUE's customers and new customer more.
When HT&T-BelAir WiFi networks engineering manager and his team arrived at Chieng Mai city. The way from Cheing Mai airport until TRUE Corporation Co., Ltd. Office at Chieng Mai. HT&T's engineering manager have re-check the signaling of WiFi who have deployments and give servicing such as ICT, BB, TOT, and TURE. We found the signaling its quite low as the read -80 to -85 that can not actually use.
At the first meeting at TRUE office, We have very nice meeting with Khun Amporn and Khun Somchai both of senior management and to share the ideas between TRUE’s Engineers and Technician team and give around table for co-operation in the next day.
As the result
HT&T have installation 3 node for testing product's performance as follow.
  1. Installation 3 node with BelAir-200 1 node and BelAir-100 2 node.
  2. Installation 1 Hotspot with BelAir-100-1 signal test measure as -80 dBm as distance 200 meters.
  3. Installation 2 Mesh-WiFi node with BelAir-200 & BelAir-100-2 signal test measure as -80 dBm between 240-280 meters that Mesh-WiFi can improve signal between node.
Tests go well. HT&T have to thankful for hospitality and excellent facilities of TRUE Corporation Co., Ltd.